energy audits Henderson

We offer 3 Levels of
Home Energy Audits

We provide BPI Building Analysis Professional Certified Home Energy Audits and make recommendations to help improve your Indoor Comfort and Air Quality while reducing Energy use. We offer our full services to Henderson and Brighton, CO ! 
These services are detailed below.

Level I. Walk through
Many homes have obvious priorities when it comes to deciding which initiatives to undertake first and a visual walk through is sometimes a sufficient first step to come up with a Home Performance Action Plan.

Level II. Blower Door Air Leakage Test
energy audits HendersonAir Leakage into or out of the home significantly taxes the H.V.A.C. systems ability to maintain comfort in the home while reducing performance and efficiency of the system. Hooking up a Blower Door to the home and performing a leakage test is a simple way to calculate the amount of air leaking into or out of the home and to observe areas where leakage is significant enough to warrant action.

energy audits HendersonThis image indicates air leakage at the baseboard in a home.

Level III. Thermal Imaging
Thermal Imaging allows us to pinpoint areas of extreme temperature differences in the structure of your home. These temperature differences generally signify air leakage or inadequate insulation levels. When these areas are hidden behind walls, above ceilings or beneath floors we are sometimes unable to pinpoint causes or location with the naked eye. The IR camera helps us to see these potential issues.


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